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How to handle bad reviews for hotel industry?

What kills the hotel industry company, is when the consumer writes a bad review of your company. Although reviews seems a little scary, however, it is a part of the process for your company to be more successful than it is. In this post, we will be taking some of the steps you might want to implement for your company and what are ways of giving a better response.

1. Inspect what happen

Customer who writes about bad reviews of your company, during that moment they are mainly unhappy because of a certain situation. Which later on will snowball in turn to their overall stay. By being able to find and inspect what happens during their stay period misunderstand can be found and solved, or clarification can be given to them. This can better address and change their mind about the situation.

2. Respond mannerly

When a bad review is being posted you can reply privately, tell them that you understand what was happening and why they were unhappy. Try listening to your customer, if you felt that your company did wrong you can apologize and try to amend the situation.

3. Offer deals

Offering deals can be an easy solution to help the company, not only it is effective but it also efficient to get the trust back of the customer. You can give exclusive deals such as promotion to get them to go back to your hotel and change their mind. Promotional of buy one get one in the bar, giving them free spas and amenities. Doing all these can may, in turn, getting the trust back to keep coming back to your hotel the next time because your company tries to amend your mistake.

4. Avoid Defending

Becoming defensive and critical does not make the situation better, instead, it makes a customer more unhappy and mad, this is not what we are looking for. Hence, during these situations, you want to be sensitive to your customer be authentic and sincere about your apologies. Be more empathetic and place yourself in the customer’s shoe about the situation.

We hope this few steps can help you resolve problems of bad reviews. Don’t be panic, as bad reviews can also be a good help for your company with the right method of addressing these problems. Additionally, these review grows your company to be better and keeps improving.